R7000 Tomato - Port speed

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R7000 Tomato - Port speed



I updated to my R700 to Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 -3.4-138 K26ARM USB VPN-64K from origianl firmware.


No all my port speeds on my R700 are only 100Mb/s even though I have a device connected that supports 1Gb/s.


Any idears why that is the case?


Thank you,

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Have the same problem...

Have the same problem...
Switch is showing 1gb connection, R7000 shows only 100mbit

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Odd i always thought a

Odd i always thought a negotiated link would be the same speed reflected at both ends...
Id connect a laptop or pc thats known to run at 1gb n confirm both router and device shows 1gb..
If windows states 1gb then maybe your router has a fault..

My 7000 is switch connected at 1gb n has a couple of 100 devices connected too.. lights on routrr are orange for 100 devices .. white for 1gb..

You could just do some data xfer tests to confirm whether router your runnin is at 1gb ..

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FWIW:  Ethernet ports state

FWIW:  Ethernet ports state connection rate is reflected correctly on my R7000 flashed w/Shibby's v138 tomato...