R7000 Tomatousb openvpn speeds?

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R7000 Tomatousb openvpn speeds?

Hi guys,

im currently getting around 30mb down using openvpn client on the R7000. My download is 300+ and when using a pc client across the R7000 on the same host I can get 150mb. I know there is some throughput loss when using the router but I was expecting 40 to 60mb. 


From people's experiance is 30mb what's to expect and the cpu becoming the bottleneck? Currently 1ghz.

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I'm wondering the same

I'm wondering the same question. We're paying for gigabit from Xfinity (~900mbps down tested direct to cable modem). 

I put in an R7000 with AdvancedTomato v1.28 and saw 94mbps down (very disappointing). With OpenVPN enabled (connecting to either PIA or ExpressVPN), it drops to around 20!

I've tried some of the other tips on this forum without success. Any suggestions appreciated.

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And what speed do the VPN

And what speed do the VPN servers you connect to state the speed should be?

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One of them,

One of them, privateinternetaccess.com, has speed tests to their multiple servers: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/network/

When I run the test from my office (250mbps symetrical) without an OpenVPN connection, I'm seeing more that 200mbps.

ExpressVPN is supposed to be fast as well.