R7000 Upnp does it work?

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R7000 Upnp does it work?

I have installed the Kong build 2800 (meanwhile 2850) on my r7000 and i have activated

Upnp, but it doesn't show me any connections forwarded.

I can see my router under network places as a upnp device.....

Under Administration / active connections i see my app to connect with the required port,

but upnp didn't show it.

Does it work properly!? does it need a fix.


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It appears some bugs have

It appears some bugs have crept in to the newer Kong builds. See my recent posts. While the most recent 24865M build will probably get your UPnP back up, you may lose connectivity on the 5ghz band. I am going to keep trying through the weekend then probably go back to the crappy Netgear firmware if I cant find a combination that works.

By the way, I'm not sure whats going on, but it appears that either people are abandoning this firmware, or they just aren't reading this forum, not sure which.

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I just noticed that there is

I just noticed that there is a lot more traffic over at DD-WRT.com. Click on the forums link there, sign-up and post. I'm not sure why myopenrouter.com even exists at this point except as a quick distribution point for Netgear r6300 and r7000 routers initial builds.