R7000 w/ DD-WRT VLAN Tagging and Virtual AP

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R7000 w/ DD-WRT VLAN Tagging and Virtual AP

So I just got DD-WRT installed on my R7000 and am trying to setup Virtual APs with a VLAN and have a couple of questions. 

On my network I have my main network untagged with IPs (with my router at I have a tagged vlan with ID 200 and IPs (with my router at I am planning to use the R7000 as an access point with two wireless networks one on each VLAN. I have the R7000 connected to a port on my router that has both the untagged main network and the tagged "guest" network going into the WAN port of the R7000

I have the R7000 setup with the static IP and configured to bridge the WAN port. 

My question is how to go about setting up the VLAN/VirtualAP and then isolate the networks. 

I started by creating a second bridge (br1). When I went to add the VLAN Tagging though I wasn't sure which interface to put it on to. I see eth0, eth1, and eth2 as options. I think that eth0 is the WAN, eth1 is the ethernet ports, and eth2 is the WLAN. Is that correct? If so then I assume I should add a VLAN tag to eth0 with the ID 200 and then add that to bridge 1 (br1). 

Then add my two virtual WLANs (2.4 and 5 Ghz) and then bridge them into br1 also. 

Two other questions that remain are... 

1) How do I isolate them? 

2) Is it possible to have br1 without an IP? It seemed that I was required put an IP on the br1 even though I don't actually need it (e.g. the R7000 doesn't need to be accessible on the guest network). 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!