R7500 Nighthawk VPN

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R7500 Nighthawk VPN

I have recently installed DD-WRT onto my R7500 and I am trying to configure it connect to a remote VPN service (in my case CyberGhost) and can't find the correct configuration for the OpenVPN element. Has anyone cracked how to do this yet? I am fairly new to the Openrouter stuff but do have a reasonable amount of network knowledge and I haven't yet seen anything obviouse to make it work.

If its not possible does anyone know of any other builds I can flash my router with that enables me to do the same thing?



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Do you mean openwrt? DD-WRT

Do you mean openwrt? DD-WRT is not available for the R7500.
I fif flash openwrt, too. Unfortunately VPn is there not yet available. I think its because missing additional packages, nobody did compile them for this router processor up to now.

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You really can install on

You really can install on 7500 ddwrt?
Why i'can't find 7500 ddwrt firmware?
Can you tell meï¼?

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there is no DD-WRT for R7500.

there is no DD-WRT for R7500.....