R7800 5Ghz Poor Performance

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R7800 5Ghz Poor Performance

I upgraded my new R7800 from factory Netgear code to dd-wrt. Prior to the upgrade I tested wifi performance in the 700-800Mbps throughput range. Since upgrading to dd-wrt, the best performance I am able to get is in the 300-400Mbps range. If tried just about ever combination of setting but unable to get better performance. Any sample configuration would be appreciated.

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AFAIK, factory firmware uses

AFAIK, factory firmware uses hw acceleration, dd-wrt not. Check Voxel firmware, it's based on stock with some additional features.

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I have even worse numbers, 5G

I have even worse numbers, 5G with 80Mhz on DD-WRT v3.0-r32802M kongat (07/24/17) - no more than 160 mbit, while stock f/w had 200 (my connection speed is 200)


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Return to Stock Netgear

Return to Stock Netgear Firmware R7800.  Does anyone have the correct procedure?


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Review DDWRTs site for going

Review DDWRTs site for going back to OEM FW. 

Give Voxel's FW a try. Runs nicely. Uses same UI. 

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Weird question but does

Weird question but does Voxels firmware allow you to run commands like DD-WRT

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Can you access the routers

Can you access the routers IP address using telnet in Putty?