R8000 ports for my DVR keep closing

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R8000 ports for my DVR keep closing

Hello All,


I am on my second Netgear R8000 router as the first one Netgear support thought it was defective. It is apparent now that it was not.

My current R8000 has ports set, through port forwarding, for my security dvr and every day I have to reboot the router to get them to open up. They seem to close after about 12 hours give or take. This is verified by the inability to view my dvr remotely or by going to canyouseeme.org. For instance: I rebooted the router via the interface at 7:00a.m. this morning, I was able to view my dvr remotely via my iphone app, during the day at work, I got home and at around 6:30p.m. went to CanYouSeeMe.org to check my ports and Failure.

I can view my dvr on the local network just fine, any time. 


I am tired of Netgear support asking the same questions over and over and having me try this and that with no luck. They had me enable DMZ, set the NAT filtering to open, Respond to ping , etc. I don't like the security issues envoked by these options, the changes didn't fix the problem, so I changed things back. Netgear support is of no apparent help

The router seemed to work fine when I got it with firmware version but experienced the ports closing issue after upgrading to the latest firmware V1.0.3.4_1.1.2. I have rolled the firmware back to with no luck. Whatever the update to 1.0.3*** did, it stuck because my ports are shutting down still. 

I have tried to test a reboot script but cannot Telnet into the router as it gives an error about port 23, connection failed. I wanted to set up a task in Windows 10 to automate a reboot of the router after I figure out a timeframe of when the ports are closing. This would only be a temp fix but a partial solution for now nonetheless.

I have went through every setting in the router interface and cannot find anything that would cause the problems I am facing.

I have disabled the powersave on my ethernet adapter thinking that was the issue, it was not. I am at a loss.....

I have tried to set up logs to be emailed to me when something occurs in the router but cannot get it to send anything to my msn email address. I don't know if it would send a log when the ports shut down anyhow, I am just trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Surely something would be logged when the ports shut down?

Could it be something in my modem? I have an ARRIS Touchstone SB6183. Is there a way to log into it and check any settings? I need some help as I am out of ideas...


You guys on here seem to know about the guts of these things so I am posting here.

Thanks to all...