R8000 VLAN Configuration and Communication Inconsistencies

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R8000 VLAN Configuration and Communication Inconsistencies

There seems to be some problems with NetGear R8000 running DD-WRT and VLAN's on WAN port.  R8000 is running Kong Mod V24-SP2 Build 26365 firmware.

It would certainly be nice if the WAN port could be enabled for VLAN trunking and utilized as the VLAN trunk for this device.  


The configuration snapshots are broken out below...

R8000 uplinks to VLAN trunk enabled switch, VLAN enabled switch uplinks to VLAN enabled Gateway Router.  Gateway router provides DHCP services for VLAN1 ( and VLAN2 ( via VLAN tagging.

If VLAN trunk enabled uplink cable is plugged into WAN port (Port W in VLAN GUI) then communication issues are present and VLAN communication does not work.  (Wifi clients do not get DHCP, LAN Port clients do not get DHCP).  (Sporadic communication to management IP on R8000).  Other strange inconsistent problems, etc.  It seems as though communication does work on Wan port immediately after configuration but then does not after first and subsequent reboots.

If uplink cable is plugged into LAN1 (Port 4 in VLAN GUI) then all communication works properly.  Switch ports get DHCP from VLAN1 and configured SSID's for WL0 (first 5 Ghz radio), WL1 (2.4 Ghz radio), WL2 (second 5 Ghz radio) get DHCP from VLAN1.  Virtual WLAN with Guest Network SSID get DHCP from VLAN2.



1. The router is configured as internal AP and WAN Port disabled and added to Switch.

2.  br0 contains VLAN1 and eth1 eth2 eth3. br1 contains VLAN2 and virtual WLAN for Guest network wl1.1.

3. Router is set to Router mode.



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That's possible, never tested

That's possible, never tested if assign wan port works on this one. It probably requires a special case for the R8000.



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Hi Kong,

Hi Kong,

My apologies -what should be on the title of your latest build?

That is what I've downloaded and installed, but I believe that should be March 7?

DD-WRT v24-sp2 (02/26/15) kongac

(SVN revision 26365M)



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This is the KONG build I am

This is the KONG build I am running with no issues : http://www.desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/


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Dear Kong,

Dear Kong,

I flash my R8000 to dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_R8000.bin(build 2017/06/11).  But it have some problem, how to solve them?

1. I creat a new VLAN to 3 and Tagged the port1, click 'save', 'Apply Settings' and reboot a router.  I check the setting in telnet and see that it cannot create the new VLAN, it only add a no.16 in port1vlans.  It is mean that it cannot set tne parameter successfully.

2. What is the meaning of the no.?
    I think the meaning are 4=wan, 3=port1, 2=port2, 1=port3, 0=port4, 8u and 8*=CPU, is it correct?