r8000 wireless range extender (repeater)

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r8000 wireless range extender (repeater)

Hi guys,

I have a Netgear R8000. The original netgear firmware / web UI does not allow me to set R8000 as a wireless range extender. So I flashed R8000 netgear firmwear with the latest Kong dd-wrt firmware. https://www.myopenrouter.com/download/dd-wrt-kong-mod-netgear-r8000-2017-03-02

The flash went OK. I can navigate the dd-wrt web UI. But I can't get the settings that work to achieve wireless repeating.

What I'm trying do:

  • I have a D7800 wireless router broadcasting internet wirlessly.
  • The reception is not good in my room.
  • My sister gave me R8000 (she's not using it now).
  • I want to put R8000 half-way between my room and my D7800.
  • The idea is that R8000 works as a repeater. No ethernet cables are fed into the R8000. I want it to pick up the existing wifi signal from D7800, and repeat it (i.e. boost it).

 Can someone please help me? I've tried a few ways recomended from the internet. None of them have worked for me.

thanks very much for your help.


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Sorry but i can not really

Sorry but i can not really help you