rebuilding of "PREBUILT" files

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rebuilding of "PREBUILT" files

How do I rebuild the modules in the  "..\bcm5354\src\prebuilt" dircetory???

the build instructions supplied do not rebuld these.

As a test I tried to change the ver#. The only source module that contain the ver# appears to be stored in


Also not rebuilt is "...\bcm5354\ap\acos\rc\acos_service"

This module also appears to contain the ver# info.

However doing a full rebuild (all 5 makes) does not changed the ver # in output *.chk file.

I noticed in the code of some modules it appears that the "bcm5354" root was in a user "ERIC"'s path. Does the location of the  "bcm5354" structer matter??

Any input on fixing this.


Howard R. Levy