Recurring outages--DD-WRT issue?

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S B Hall
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Recurring outages--DD-WRT issue?

Two or three times a day, I get a short interruption in Internet service (by short, I mean 10-30 sec, or about the time it takes for the router to reboot). I never saw these hiccups before flashing DD-WRT, although I didn't use the stock firmware very long. 

Haven't seen this addressed anywhere else, so I'm wondering if there's a setting in DD-WRT I haven't noticed that might affect this, or is my ISP being wonky? (Never noticed these with my old Apple router, either.)

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Vlad Benya
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Confirmed. I am experiencing

Confirmed. I am experiencing the same issue.
Getting on status page shows several seconds uptime.
It seems like issues started to appear on 24500M or after that build.
I had the same issues on 24760M.
Currently I am using 24865M, router continues to reboot sometimes.

S B Hall
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I'm on 24500M, and after

I'm on 24500M, and after posting the other day, I set the router to reboot at 3:00 a.m. every day. So in the past couple days, I haven't noticed it, but if it recurs I'll probably flash to a later build.

Thanks for the response!