regular disconnection

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joe braz
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regular disconnection

I have a wireless router KWGR614 SERVING TWO COMPUTERS IN my house, The signal is constantly dropped. Comcast has checked out the connection and given me a new modem. Today, after losing connectivity once again, I am still getting the comcast signal as I can connect to the internet with a direct line from modem to computer, Wireless doesn/t work. When trying to connect modem to router and then a cable from router to the computer, per instructions from Netgear technician, there was no internet connection. This is a new router, replaced after the disconnectivity started 2 weeks ago. It obviously hasn't changed the situation. When I lose my signal,sometimes I can simply unplug the modem and the router and reconnect one minute later and restore conneectivity. This has not been the case of late, however, with the router internet light going orange instead of green.

Brandon C
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Did you ever get this working

Did you ever get this working? My guess would be you have competing channels for the wireless connect. What did you find out?