Removing dd-wrt firmware and restoring to factory condition (R9000)

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Removing dd-wrt firmware and restoring to factory condition (R9000)


I have a Nighthawk R9000 with DD-Wrt firmware
installed. I would like to remove that firmware and restore to a factory
firmware. I followed this link  to restore the firmware without luck.I would appreciate some help.

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Is it the Kong build, if so

Is it the Kong build, if so you need to use the .bin file which can be found here..


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Hi Guys, I have the same

Hi Guys, I have the same problem.. I would remove Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r33010M (08/09/17) from my R9000.. I don't know how to restore netgear original firmware.. could you kindly help me?

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Dear all,

Dear all,

I also wish to know how to restore back to Netgear's firmware from Kong's firmware. Do I just use the file and in the router (Kong's firmware) do I there do the firmware upgrade with ddwrt-netgear-R9000 or do I do by the link provided by Netgear to restore and then select the ddwrt-netgear-R9000?


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For your info. I did try both

For your info. I did try both. But the KOng's firmware is keep getting back. Do I need to do something else? Like after using ddrwt-netgear-R9000 installing an official firmware from Netgear or do a hard resset or ...???

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Are you installing ddwrt

Are you installing ddwrt-netgear, or ddwrt-to-netgear, because they are not the same thing. You need to install the latter.



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I installed DD-WRT Kong Mod for NETGEAR R9000 (2017-10-16 img), Wrong Firmware !!! does not work
I can not restore the original R9000 firmware.

ask for help!


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I had tried restoring

I had tried restoring firmware as well on my R8500 by upgrading the firmware to the stock netgear firmware but it keep defaulting back to dd-wrt. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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HelloIt was finally done to

It was finally done to me
I'll rethink an older 217.05. ddwrt firmware-
ftp download 2017 .02 dd-wrt to Netgear 9000 ..
ddwrt initial position
by admin
password default !!!!!!!!!

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Only with a chrome browser !!!!!!!!!