Repeater Bridge with R6300v2 running DD-WRT

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Repeater Bridge with R6300v2 running DD-WRT

My current network is a Uverse Gateway with wireless turned off --->Netgear R7000 stock as Wireless Access Point

I want to add a R6300v2 running DD-WRT as a wireless repeater bridge that connects to the R7000 wireleslly and extends my wifi network. 

I  have followed the instructions at

precisely, but when I connect wirelessly from a desktop PC to the R6300v2 on its own unique SSID, I am able to connect but cannot access the internet from the PC. If I connect the PC to the r6300v2 via ethernet, I do get an IP from the Uverse Gateway and am able to access the internet.

I have tried all the troubleshooting methods listed in the DD-WRT wiki above, but to no success.

Can anybody suggest some ideas for how to get wifi clients that connect to the R6300v2 an IP address and internet access?