Resetting/Upgrading to new DD-WRT Kongac Firmware

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Resetting/Upgrading to new DD-WRT Kongac Firmware



I am on Firmware: "DD-WRT v3.0-r29440M kongac (04/19/16)" and from a source from MyOpenRouter, I was informed to use the .bin file since I was already on a Kongac DD-WRT, as the .chk file is usually used when doing a new DD-WRT,  and a 30-30-30 reset is not necessary, but I was told to ask my question on here to be sure.  This is the info I was given:


"With some routers, a 30-30-30 reset is not necessary, and there is some debate about this depending on the router model (see our forums, DD-WRT forums, etc), so this is entirely up to you.   If you are flashing a NETGEAR router from stock firmware, you’ll usually use a .CHK file.  Some routers have an “initial” flash, with a final update then applied after the initial.  You’ll want to check the steps of the specific firmware you’re looking to flash.  If you are already on DD-WRT such as Kong’s, you can update using his .BIN file from DD-WRT -> DD-WRT.  I would generally recommend performing a reset to default, flash the update, reset to default again, then set up.  This may not be necessary but it makes sure all the settings are clear."


I see from Kongac website (, there are a couple of options for the .bin file:


From K3-AC-Arm/, there are 3 options:

dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_R8000.bin (2018-02-19 23:39)

dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_R8000.bin.md5 (2018-02-19 23:40)

dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_R8000.bin.sig (2018-02-19 23:39)


I have been wanting to update to a new firmware for awhile, and have just put it off, but I just read this morning that it is suggested to reset our routers due to Russia using a malware to spy via our routers.


So, I am needing help on the correct way to reset my router, and to update to the newest Kongac firmware as well.  Also, any documentation showing recommendations on what to select within the DD-WRT control panel tabs would be greatly appreciated too.




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Similar situation - but no

Similar situation - but no kong bin files out there. All chk. No clue why that is.

good luck

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What do you mean there are no

What do you mean there are no .bin files; I provide the links to these?

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DD-WRT to DD-WRT upgrade uses

DD-WRT to DD-WRT upgrade uses .bin files. The .chk file is only for the initial Stock FW --> DD-WRT flash.


30/30/30 reset, people keep mentioning this but it's just wrong now (I still use it on my WRT54g's but basically any modern router, you reset through the FW itself). In DD-WRT this is under Administration (same for Tomato)


What I've found that works:

1) Factory reset within firmware

2) Wait 5 minutes minimum

3) Flash new firmware

4) Wait 5 minutes minimum

5) Begin configuration


Assumptions: you've disconnected as many clients as possible (turned off all tablets/phones/etc) and always always always perform firmware upgrades via wired ethernet. You may know some of this already but it's better to be safe than sorry...