Resolved: Tomato 1.28 Port Forwarding not working

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Resolved: Tomato 1.28 Port Forwarding not working

Before reading further, my problem was resolved after bouncing the device. Perhaps a daemon wasn't running, but it seems all is well now.

First, sorry if this is a repeat but I found nothing else on the forum after a brief search.

I'm using a WNR3500L v1 and have used both stock fw along with dd-wrt which is my primary firmware. Decided to try out Tomato for fun and while going through my set up, it seems port forwarding isn't working.

My device is successfully synced with dyndns and is updated. There are two things I'm trying to achieve with my NAS (which I usually keep off when away from home). I want to be able to send a WOL packet to it along with access the web GUI from the internet. So I have two port forwarding rules to achieve this:

For each, both protocols are enabled (TCP/UDP), no source address is entered, and I'm forwarding external port 10000 to internal port 8080 to the static LAN address of my NAS while external port 10001 is forwarded to port 7/9 for WOL.

Any ideas what may be wrong? I've had no problem getting this done with the stock fw or dd-wrt.