Results of MyOpenRouter Features Survey 2013

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Peter Redmer
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Results of MyOpenRouter Features Survey 2013

Hi everyone!

Did you get a chance to participate in the feature survey we have had running on the site? If not, get your vote in here:

I wanted to share a result of the survey that I found interesting. One of the most requested features was more than 128+ MB of memory in future routers.

For those who are new to the open source router scene, what's great is that NETGEAR already offers several routers with more than 128MB of memory that are supported by open source firmware, namely the R6300v2, R6250, and R6200v2.

This larger memory bank allows developers to add many more features and functionality to open source routers. Thanks to everyone for voting in the survey, as it helps us tell NETGEAR what we most desire in future products!