Rosewill RNX-GX4 won't get ISP info via LAN

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Rosewill RNX-GX4 won't get ISP info via LAN

 (Re-branded Netcore NW618, Broadcom BCM5354 240mhz 4MB/16MB)

 I purchased two of these wireless routers a couple of weeks ago. I flashed them both immediately with DD-WRT via the web interface and they pretty much worked without much tweaking required.

Now I'm trying to install Tomato. I downloaded the Teddy Bear ND 1.27 distro and flashed the non-USB version. It sure looks great, but it absolutely, positively will not pull any information from my ISP via the LAN port. I cleared the NVRAM after the install and that didn't help. Powered everything (including the cable modem) down and disconnected the coax from the modem. Waited a few minutes, reconnected the cables and powered everything back up, but the router still hangs on 'renewing' when I try to obtain info from the ISP.

I'm stumped. If you read the Newegg reviews on this router you'll see that others have successfully installed Tomato, but I'm probably missing something simple. By the way, I can attest personally that these routers are very unbrickable, perfect for first-time open-source firmware flashers like myself Smile

 Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Uncheck the W in the VLAN

Uncheck the W in the VLAN section for the WAN port, save it, and then recheck it and save it. Some kind of bug, don't know why, but it fixes it.