router often not visible

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router often not visible

I have the following  problem with my router wgr614;

when i triy to connect to my wireless router,  i first see on my laptop a lot of wireless routers/connections but not my netgear, sometime i takes 5 to 10 minutes and  there he is.... but most of the time he isn't visivble. I restart the router and my laptop also, sometimes it works but most of the tiime the router is not visible. I tries another laptop but same problem. What could be the problem? other firmware,settings, channel? or is the router broken? Please advice, regards, Reinoud 

The Netherlands

Brandon C
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The wireless may be

The wireless may be conflicting with others in your area. You might try changing the wireless channel to something different than Auto. I like to use Channel #9, but you may need to try a few different ones.

See about halfway down you will see the wireless setup.