RT-N66U Kong 22000 Highmem?

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RT-N66U Kong 22000 Highmem?

Will there be a Highmem build of the old/stable Kong Version? Or is it a special highmem version allready?

Are there any bootup scripts like for the E4200v1 to improve the performance?

I am just asking...I get about 12MB/s file copy speed. Is this the normal Performance? From my Fileserver with 5GHz, 40MHz Channel, AES with the only device ...Intel 6300 in my X201 on the other end.

Linkspeed shows as 270 mbps. 99% Signal Qualtiy about 2m distance.

cfe of the RT-N66U is the newest 64k build.


It's allready about 4MB/s faster than the E4200v1...but there is no fault in asking...

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No there won't be any old K26

No there won't be any old K26 builds anymore. I'm no regular external developer anymore.

All of my features/performance optimizations/fixes are now included in regular dd-wrt and there are no code differences anymore.

Thus you can just choose a normal dd-wrt build which contains the features you want e.g. mini,big etc.

BrainSlayer just created a new set of builds.

Basically I only offer builds now that fix things before a new dd-wrt release is created by BrainSlayers build system.

12MB/s is okay for that setup. You will get faster speeds if you use an ac adapter.