Set up monthly traffic limit ?

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Set up monthly traffic limit ?

Can you set up a monthly Traffic Meter that you can set a limit on and resets each month like you can with the stock firmware?

I tried the dd-wrt a few months back and couldnt find anything about it, so went back to stock.

Al Caughey
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I'm new to the forum so

I'm new to the forum so forgive this shameless plug... I've written an add-on for *.WRT firmware that allows you to see traffic totals on a per Device basis tallied by hour, day or month (actually ISP billing cycle). YAMon (short for Yet Another Monitor) allows you to see what devices downloaded what, when. Devices can be organized into arbitrary groups (e.g., by family member or device owner and/or function) as required for your network.  Information is displayed in a variety of tables, graphs & charts.

YAMon will not impose restriction on traffic but it will certainly tell you if you are at risk of exceeding your cap (and who is hogging the bandwidth) and it automatically resets at the beginning of each ISP billing cycle (which is effectively each month but is tied to the date of your ISP bill)

YAMon runs on DD-WRT, OpenWRT, AsusWRT and also Shibby Tomato... YAMon2 can be found at 

If anyone is interested, I'm in the throes of testing YAMon3 which adds (among other things) IPv6 support... see

Does this make any sense?