Setting up VPN in AP mode

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Setting up VPN in AP mode

Hi, newbie here so please bear with me if this is either a daft question, or one already answered somewhere.

If I flash my new R8000 with a version of DDWRT, can I configure a VPN from the R8000 when in AP mode.  I already have a BT Modem/ Router so am currently using the R8000 as an AP; it was easy to configure and works really well.  Can I do the same when flashed, and just config the VPN, or do I need to work a bit harder use the R8000 as an actually router instead?


Many thanks, and as per other forums I subscribe to for the likes of Home Cinema and HiFi, drinks are on me.




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Sure, but why? Neuter that

Sure, but why? Neuter that modem/router to be a modem. The R8000 will smoke it! Either way a VPN is very well documented, over and over and over.