Shibby Tomato backup question??

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Shibby Tomato backup question??

I recently flashed Shibby's ARM 137 firmware. Thanks Shibby for the very detailed video on the process, it seemed to go without issue. Any many thanks to all of the development team for your support in bringing this wonderful firmware option to the community.

Although after configuring my router settings I went to save a backup file and instead of a file ending in the .cfg designation this is how it saved in my web browser


Unconfirmed 617680.crdownload


This doesn’t appear as it should at least from my limited knowledge. Has anyone else experienced this and can elaborate. I don’t trust this to backup my settings.

Any feedback would be appreciated!



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What you have there is the

What you have there is the temporary file the Chrome (and maybe other browsers, not sure there) create during a download.  What this means is that your browser didn't think that it got a complete download, and so it left the temporary file rather than the .cfg file you expected.  My only suggestion is to retry the backup.