Site blocking problem

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Site blocking problem

I have a problem with accessing a certain site ( through WNR3500L. It constantly times out. I plugged my PC directly to the modem, and there was no such problem, I could access the site flawlessly. Seems that the router is blocking the site. I already tried resetting, 30-30-30, and I even upgraded to the latest firmware (, nothing seems to help. There's no mention of any site being blocked in the menus. Any one might know what the problem is?

EDIT@2011-04-26 11:34CEST

Ok, now I'm clueless, looks like it's not a problem with the firmware, because I've reflashed it multiple times.

30-30-30 > DD-WRT chk file > 30-30-30 > Tomato USB > 60-60-60 (just to be sure) > Factory Fimware > 30-30-30

Since even that didn't work, I guess I'm looking for help in the wrong place.

EDIT@2011-04-26 19:43CEST

Problem solved.

The obvious happend. Link below helped. :P