Smallnetbuilder review of WNR3500L w/DD-WRT

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Smallnetbuilder review of WNR3500L w/DD-WRT

He wasn't impressed with the performance running dd-wrt. Also interesting to find that this website is in fact paid off by Netgear to promote its products as I have long suspected.

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I'm surprised he had build

I'm surprised he had build 14311 running long enough to get performance data :) I don't think I'm alone in saying that build is pretty buggy. I'm running build 14473 right now on several 3500Ls tied together via OpenVPN and performance has been good here so far (ie. no hiccups, can saturate the lines up and down, low load, plenty of ram, etc.) Of course I haven't battle tested it with IP testing apps...

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yes 14311 was very buggy

yes 14311 was very buggy wireless wise for me as well. also with this review i think if the stock firmware gave features that 3rd party firmware supply then i would use the stock firmware, but it does not. if i have to sacrifice some performance for a better feature set, then so be it. as well when netgear starts putting 500mhz+ broadcom cpu, and 16Mb flash / 128Mb ram in their hardware like asus does, then this problem will fade away, right now i believe they only have a 480Mhz in the 3500L, which IMO you need a 500Mhz or better cpu and more ram than 64Mb to properly route and run a fully featured firmware. netgear does however have a promising product in the wndr 3700, though in 3rd party firmware land is still very beta product.