Some OpenVpn question

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Some OpenVpn question

Hi to all, from some days I got my new R7800, tried some day with Voxel FW but then switched to ddwrt, is all new for me, I just realized that even inside ddwrt comunity there're different build ...

Btw, I originaly switched to ddwrt because I need both OpenVPN Server and Client running at the same time and I read inside the Voxel doc that this FW can't do it! So inside ddwrt I can see both server and client configuration, but ddwrt is not so stable ... and a little hard to configure ... need more attention ...

But I see one post, here, where some gui tell that the OpenVpn client can be configured via CLI, and can be quite good for me, I modified a script that check the connection and connect to a new server (I use NordVPN) so maybe I've to modify some but can works .... Or maybe In future I can use this beautifull script that require python3 but can be done with entware ...

So my (hope not stupid) questions is:

If I switch back to Voxel FW (that seems more stable) can I set up both Server and Client OpenVPN?

With Voxel FW can I router client OpenVPN traffic only on certain ip? Not all local IP but only traffic from a specific local IP

If I switch back, what is the best way to do that? Just flash the Voxel FW and reset?


Thank you in advance for any reply that can help me to decide what is best in this case.