SSH help (Voxel's FW)

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SSH help (Voxel's FW)

Hello to all,

I've been trying to follow Voxel's readme to try to get SSH access into the router but can't seem to get that accomplished. I'm not really used to doing this sort of thing so I'm a complete noob at this. I want to be able to use this router as a way for my devices to connect strictly to the VPN I subscribe to so OpenVPN would help in doing this. I use Windows 7 so I tried to the point on Appendix A to convert the openssh file to ppk format but I don't know what to do with that file to use it to access the router. I'm definitely not doing something right as I'm not able to access the router using SSH. Not sure the instructions are clear enough for a noob like me to follow. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

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You do not need SSH. It is

You do not need SSH. It is enough to use telnet. Enter to and select checkbox "Enable Telnet". After this you can enter to router console by telnet.

BTW, if you need just VPN client you do not need to enter console at all. It is enough to use USB flsh drive.



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I will try just using USB

I will try just using USB flash drive as suggested. Thanks.

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Well it seems to be working

Well it seems to be working now after trying to enable vpn client using a USB flash drive and your readme instructions. Thanks man!

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Hi I really need you guys

Hi I really need you guys help my problem is I want to setup up PIA VPN but I can't seem to make it work I have created fold name openvpn-client on my usb oh and my vpn unlimited works with no problems as they only have one ovpn file but Pia have 2 files 1 ca and 1 server I don't know how to make the files one and where to put my details 

I have read the readme file and do research but still can't make it work hence am asking for your help thanks in advance

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Did you get it to work? I'm

Did you get it to work? I'm in the same boat I have PIA VPN also and I just don't get it, if only somebody could make a video.