Struggling with Advanced Tomato Initial Setup

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Struggling with Advanced Tomato Initial Setup

So decided to move from XWRT to Advanced Tomato after having some connectivity issues repeatedly.  My setup on XWRT was as follows:


Rogers Hitron Modem with Gateway off (in bridge mode so used as a modem only)

R7000 in Basement set as the main wireless router, wireless function set to off

OpenVPN server running on the R7000 so I could access my cameras via OpenVPN on my phones

R7000 on main floor as Access Point for all wireless connectivity


For the life of me I can't figure out how to do the above with Advanced Tomato.  It seems to default to Access Point mode, and when in that mode I can't shut off my Rogers Hitron Modem's gateway.  The "Wireless Client" mode is greyed out so I can't select that, and I'm not sure what AP + WDS mode is, as that didn't work either.


Is there a way to setup my network as I had it with the Merlin/XWRT software above?  Haven't even attempted to get OpenVPN working, doesn't look as easy as it was on the XWRT software which generated keys with the click of a button!


Unfortunately I can't flash back to XWRT either, keep getting a "unknown firmware" error, even after flashing to stock.  So hoping I can get Advanced Tomato figured out as I've heard a lot of good things about it!


Thanks for the help guys!