Stuck on Shibby Tomato - - Looking for Options

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Stuck on Shibby Tomato - - Looking for Options

Greetings, we recently upgraded our connection to FIOS 750 and our R8000 that was built DD-WRT was seriously throttling our bandwidth.  So we switched over the shibby's Tomato build as it supports CTF but we then learned that with CTF enabled port forwarding does not work.  At this point it seems that the best thing to do is to go back to the Netgear OEM firmware but I am not sure how to get the needed TRX file as seem to be stuck in Tomato.  I would love for some input on how to get out of this bind as well as what other with a 700+Mbs connection are using.

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You need first to flash DD

You need first to flash DD-WRT, which will then allow you to flash Netgear OEM firmware. Shibby provides the necessary files on his site:

I flashed the DD-WRT "bin" file from within Tomato, then went straight to latest Netgear "chk" file. (I didn't stay with OEM firmware for long as I really need the QOS in Tomato due to my slow ADSL1 upload speed. The Netgear QOS is completely ineffective in preventing a single user from stealing all the bandwidth.)


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why the interface 3.0 not

why the interface 3.0 not available in R8000 . Will it come in the future.


Also the advanced tomato the bandwidth monitoring not working. But the iptraffice works well in ram and storage drive.