Support for Netgear AC1450?

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Support for Netgear AC1450?

Any support for Netgear AC1450? I want it as a bridge on 2.4gz and AP on 5gz.

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Also interested in this.

Also interested in this. They are selling this router at Costco at a really attractive price. Reviews show the stock firmware is crap though.

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As per dd-wrt "Supported

As per dd-wrt "Supported Devices" it is still not supported by dd-wrt.

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There will soon be a Kong

There will soon be a Kong build of DD-WRT for the AC1450. Kong DD-WRT is already supporting the R6300v2 which is essentially the same hardware as the AC1450. The Costco price for AC1450 does make this an attractive option if you can dump the mediocre Netgear Firmware.

Recent posts in the forum below has more information:

If Costco can't unload the AC1450 units (due to their poor firmware and thus poor reviews), they might put them on sale at which point the Costco price and DD-WRT would make a dynamite low-cost router setup.

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i just flashed my ac1450 with

i just flashed my ac1450 with 12-24-2015-r28598/netgear-ac1450/ - got it up and running just fine eventually. My issue is that i think i locked down the router too tight. I an now locked out and can not access the admin page even thuough i'm wired in.

I think what may have did it was using a required password remote access. when i try to access it by hitting 192.168....i get connection refused. My research so far has me thinking i need to telnet into the router and undo what i did or start from scratch again. any assistance would be appreciated.

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You may try reseting the

You may try reseting the router using hardware reset button. Then you have to re-configure the router. Hope this solves the problem.