System clock loses time

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System clock loses time

Hi, I've recently been enjoying the capabilities of my new Netgear WNR3500L/U/v2 running Tomato. I am using a USB flash drive mounted to /opt and am running Tor in /opt on the router. It tooks some doing to get going adding a non-root user to run it and opening ports just on the router and not the computers. Anyway, that's all sorted now, and things are running smoothly except tor.log tells me:

May 08 08:06:45.052 [warn] Your system clock just jumped 113 seconds forward; assuming established circuits no longer work.

The interval between these messages is the same as the setting for how often to update the time using ntp (4 hours in this case) so system has been losing between 103 and 1240 seconds every 4 hours. I don't think this matters much, but it seems to upset Tor, so I'd like to fix it. Anyone know what's wrong?