tcpdump not working - Tomato 1.28 - 132 (129)

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tcpdump not working - Tomato 1.28 - 132 (129)

I liked Tomato 1.28 very much on my old WRT54GL.
I also could use tcpdump which was stored on /cifs1.

But on my new Netgear R7000 tcpdump does not work.
Using this tcpdump binary:
Tried it with Tomato 1.28 build 129 and 132.
Always getting this error:
tcpdump: line 1:[email protected]@4P4: not found
tcpdump: line 2: Ã: not found
tcpdump: line 3: Ð: not found
tcpdump: line 6: syntax error: unexpected "("

With other version of tcpdump, which worked for years on my WRT54GL, error message is a little bit different:
tcpdump: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "("

Any ideas?