Telnet enable Wn2000RPT

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Telnet enable Wn2000RPT

Hi everyone,


I have looked around to find an answer to my issue, but to no avail.

I am trying to convert a WN2000RPT (no version written on the back, so assum V1) to openwrt or DD-WRT. However, my understanding is that the first stage is to "telneenable" the extender. I have tryied and followed all the telnet enable methodes and versions that I could find, wether the python version, C version or windows version, as well as using the three different official firmwares, but to no avail. I keep getting "connection refused" or with windows test, "send failed 10057". An nmap of the extern shows only 2 ports opened (80, 3333).

Has anyone managed to access this extender via telnet or convert it to DD-WRT or openwrt?

What do I do wrong?

I have been on this for a few days now, so any help will be welcome.





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Last week I got this exact

Last week I got this exact router and will be trying the same (telnet, then DD-WRT, OpenWRT or alike). If I have any success I'll tell you

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hi guys can you help me, l

hi guys can you help me, l have a netgear WNR3500Lvl.


l have a preference for tomato firmware rather than dd-wrt firmware, can you please tell me, which tomato firmware is appropiate for my router, wihich will allow me to install and alos allows to install openvpn  which is what l am after. Lastly is there an instruction guide to assist with this installation as well please advise.

your assistance would be appreciated as l am new to this

Kind Regards


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Maybe shifting to another

Maybe shifting to another version of firmware will do the trick. I rooted my WNR2000v4 via downgrading its firmware.


Good Luck!