TFTP over ethernet connection to the WGR614v8

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TFTP over ethernet connection to the WGR614v8

Has anyone gotten an image to tftp to this router over an IP connection (i.e. WITHOUT using a serial console cable)???

 All of the instructions I've found here require the serial cable.

 I'm trying to flash over an ethernet connection - I can ping the router, I'm even sniffing traffic and can see the TFTP read requests coming from the router to my PC, but I can't get the router to download the image from my PC.

 I've tried the command line TFTP in windows:

tftp -i PUT wgr614v8_1_1_11_6_0_36_na.chk

when i do this, i see the tftp write message go to the router in my packet sniffer, but no connection ensues. I'm running the TFTP put just after I see the TFTP read from the router.

 Router's LAN IP is

PC's LAN IP is

both are plugged into a hub so my windows NIC doesn't go to sleep when I power cycle the router.

I see no reason for this not to work - anyone else see any issues with what I'm doing?


Please help!

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One suggestion, I am not sure

One suggestion, I am not sure what is going on at your side but would recommend you to transfer the files as binary. I have tried with linux - '-m binary' does it for linux but not sure what option you need to supply in the command line in case of windows. The help page should show this - please try with this option and post your findings.

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maybe someone else can verify

maybe someone else can verify this, but the "-i" switch is the binary transfer switch

good suggestion, but I think I've been using binary

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Why dont you try tftp32

Why dont you try tftp32 server tool which will make ur system as TFTP server and will force the router to get image file from ur system ,not so sure about the working but ths method will work