Tomato Firmware - Where is the User's Information?

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Tomato Firmware - Where is the User's Information?

I see that everyone wants the latest greatest firmware, or has bricked their router, or some function stopped working.  These are all valid things to be concerned about.  But once we have some Tomato firmware installed - such as on my R7000 - I have no idea what 50% of the setup choices actually do.  For instance, I think the VLAN page needs some explanation since it sets up a bridge connection from WiFi eth0, eth1 to existing LAN bridges.  Is that necessary, or optional?

Another mysterious page is called LAN ACCESS.  These settings are not intuitive.  What if I don't want WiFi to be able to connect with my computer's LAN?  Do any of these settings need to be filled in, and if so, what do they do?

Virtual Wireless Interfaces - what am I really doing in this page?  By fiddling with settings, the router works OK, sort of.  Where does one go to understand how to set up this firmware?  I'm done flashing the router and using my de-bricking cable to restore it, and re-booting my brains out.  The basic firmware is amazing.  I just don't know what a lot of the settings actually do.