Tomato or DD-WRT?

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Tomato or DD-WRT?

Heyho everyone,

I recently upgrade from my N600 to a R7000 and due to privacy, nsa spying, features and performance, a open source firmware is a must have !

I am currently wondering wether I should go for Tomato or DD-WRT (Kongs)?

Is there any feature comparison somewhere? What about performance and stability?

Does Tomato support beamforming and beamforming+?
As far as I know DD-WRT doesnt have HW acceleration, what about Tomato?

My general setup is:
Modem -> R7000 -> Smartphones, xbox, htpc (torrenting, local file sharing, media server), laptop, gaming pc.

I usually have a 2,4GHz wifi for my smartphones (as 2,4GHz covers a higher distance) and 5GHz/Ethernet for htpc,xbox,laptop,gaming. I also in a very crowded apartment building with 5-10 other wifi's in range.

Looking at the download counts, DD-WRT versions usually has 1000-2000 while tomato has 20-50?

Thanks in advance :)