Tomato & Static IP Addresses

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Tomato & Static IP Addresses

Hi all,


I am having trouble assigning / accessing a static IP address to a wi-fi camera that I'm using as a baby monitor.  Network is R7000 Router with Tomato Shibby software.  I recently upgraded to the most recent software version to see if it fixed my problem, but to no avail. 

The Camera is a Foscam unit and is configured with my wireless settings.  Camera is set to obtain IP address from router.  MAC address (of the wifi port) is bound to a static ip address outside of my normal dynamic range.

During initial setup, everything works fine.  After a few hours to a few days, I lose connection with the router and can not access the wireless camera.  No error lights on the camera.  If I log into the router, I can see the camera under device list, with RSSI and quality, but no TX/RX rate appearing.  The lease field is blank.  I have set the static lease time to "infinite" without resolution.  Settings for the camera seem to match what I used to statically assign my desktop computer, which works like a champ.

If I reset the router, everything is fine again for a short period, and then the same problem resumes.  Any suggestions or help on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.