Tomato on Windows 7 network map.

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Tomato on Windows 7 network map.

I'm running the newest version of Tomato on my WNR3500L set up as an access point/switch. 

Does anyone know how to get it to show up in the W7 network map?  I see a generic "switch" and "access point" if devices are connected but disappears when they go offline.  The factory firmware worked but was giving me double NAT problems so switched to DDRT then Tomato.

My understanding is the network map requires LLTD support on devices in your network.  Not a big deal and the network is working fine but it's something that's been bugging me.

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Yes the original netgear

Yes the original netgear firmware comes with lld2d daemon. The original firmware probably gave you NAT problems because it uses broadcoms fast nat module which offers great network performance but doesn't support all nat features.