Tomato WRT54G Airport Express WPA - Help

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Tomato WRT54G Airport Express WPA - Help

Hi Folks,


I'm trying to extend my wireless network from my WRT54G running Tomato Firmware v1.23.1607.  I have a couple of Apple TV's and an iMac's that keep dumping their wireless signal.  I tried all matter of settings changes and finally decided to extend the signal using a WDS setup.  I struggled with trying to get this bloody thing setup.

Finally, I just disabled all wireless security and bingo, it all works.  I live in the sticks, so wireless security isn't a huge deal.  No neighbors within 2 miles.  However, I don't want to leave it this way.  I have tried to get WPA working, but the WDS gets setup fine (according to Tomato) but the clients connected to the wireless network have no outside access.

Any tips on this?  I don't want to disable wireless security, and I want to use WPA, as only 128 Bit WEP is available and I don't want to use those damn keys to setup everything.

Just a cry for help.


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I am having the exact same

I am having the exact same issue with the airport express and a linksys wrt54gl with tomato fw. If I disable wireless security everything works fine. I can't use wep because the airport express only allows a 13 character password which is not 64 or 128 bit which is what tomato supports. WPA just doesn't work.