Update Linksys E3000 router

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Update Linksys E3000 router

I am new to this and have some simple questions so I appologize in advance.  Last fall I updated my Linksys E3000 v1 router to v24-sp2 (05/27/13) mega svn 21676 because of wireless connections issues.  But I have struggled getting the access restrictions working consistently.  I have read on multiple forums that this appears to be an issue and that a Kong buid will resolve the issue.  My questions are:  1. which kong build would work best for wireless access restrictions, USB and streaming for my router? 2. do I have to do anything special to update to a kong build, or can it be a direct upload? 3. where do I find the necessary files to update my router?


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You need to do some more research on Wireless Routers

Here is a link to a Read Me


 Here is the link for the downloads



The E3000 contains 8 MB of Flash ROM



Builds labeled "kingkong" are full featured builds only suited for >=16 MB flash space.

Use at your own RISK

If you try to flash with an 11 MB Flash file to an 8 MB Flash ROM “well you can guess what might happen”

You may try the 7.2 MB files Use at your OWN RISK. Tell us what happened.

I do not think Kong is updating this flash anymore.