Updates to ngr-flash and OpenWRT

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Updates to ngr-flash and OpenWRT

Today I have updated both the Netgear Flash Utility and the OpenWRT WGR614L "Bleeding Edge" Environment. Here are the details:

Firstly I have changed the meaning of the "-a" option to ngr-flash. This will now compare the length indicated in the TRX header in flash to the length of the checksum. If they differ the checksum length will be set to the length of the TRX header and the checksum recalculated.

The reason for this change was that I was unable to flash the router with an OpenWRT image using Netgears web interface. The short and long of this is that the orignal firmware complains if there is any data in the root_fs part of the CHK image (yet more hard coded stuff!). I was using this part of the CHK image to store the jffs2 erase mark when buidling images. Note, that the bootloader has no such restriction, hence why I have only just found the problem!

The OpenWRT WGR614L "Bleeding Edge" Environment now generates images that can be uploaded via Netgears web interface. To avoid checksum issues ngr-flash is run at boot time to correct the checksum if required; this generaly only happens the first boot where the TRX/CHK contains the jff2s erase marker, after that its fine.

Plus added bonus: I have patched the Broadcom diag package (and associated gubbins) to support the LED's on the WGR614L. Have fun with that ;)

As always feed back, suggestions, testing etc welcomed...