Upgraded firmware (via router) and now wireless doesn't work...

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Upgraded firmware (via router) and now wireless doesn't work...

I upgraded my WGR614v8 router's firmware tonight, and now my wireless internet doesn't work.  I'm able to connect to the internet just fine on the desktop the router is hooked up to.  The wireless is used to connect my desktop down the stairs, via a Linksys usb wireless network adapter.  I have been using the software that came with the Linksys wireless adapter to connect to my router (well, before this one, a previous one) for years with no issues.  It always looks up available networks and connects to them with no problem.  When I was initially hooking up this router at my new house, the adapter detected the router when there was no internet connectivity.

 Since upgrading the firmware, my computer cannot find my router at all.  I've restarted the router, modem, my computer, unplugged the adapter...no such luck.  I connected to the router to make sure that the pppoe settings were all still there and that the wireless was indeed enable.  Nothing seems out of place.  Help?!

Brandon C
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Which firmware did you put on

Which firmware did you put on? Netgear's or DD-WRT or Tomato?