Upgrading DD-WRT question

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Upgrading DD-WRT question

I used to set my current DD-WRT back to factory default before flashing a new build, but in the directions of the new builds on this site I read that I should flash back to the Netgear stock firmware first...

To install this firmware:

  •         Restore your router to NETGEAR Stock Firmware
  •         Reset the stock firmware to factory defaults
  •         Flash the router with DD-WRT
  •         Reset the router using the pin on the back
  •         Begin setup of DD-WRT


Is this really necessary when going from DD-WRT to newer DD-WRT?    And was I just really lucky in the past?

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Not sure where you got that

Not sure where you got that info. Sounds like info that would be suggested when going to DD-WRT from some other non-OEM firmware such as Tomato. There is no need to go to Netgear OEM firmware first if you are already on DD-WRT. It is suggested that you reset the router before and after but I have done lots of upgrades without reset.  Have also gone from Brainslayer to Kong without reset. If you choose to not reset on upgrade and are having issues after upgrade be sure to do reset and reconfigure before reporting an issue.