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USB Support

Does Tomato fix the issue that the factory firmware doesn't address of compatibility?  I am hesitant to change the firmware because I know nothing about this process other than what I've printed out (and hope not to have to debrick).  If the most recent tomato version will fix my compatibility issue.  WD MyBook Essentials 500 GB is the drive.

Thank you in advance.  I don't mind trying this, I just don't know if I can debrick if I screw it up.


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I can't understand what you

I can't understand what you mean.. The support of a specific USB harddrive has nothing to do with bricking the router... You can plug any USB harddisk on the WNR3500L under Tomato. If by bad luck your drive isn't recognized, it doesn't brick the router... it is just unrecognized.

And from latest Tomato build if you want to revert to stock firmware it is very easy, the compatibility with original firmware for flshing is built in.

I don't know your harddisk, but it seems that people have problems connecting it sometimes on Windows?

Try to be more precise in your demand.