Using 4G USB modem with R7000 - tomato

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Using 4G USB modem with R7000 - tomato
Hi Guys – 1st time here so be patient.......
I have a Netgear 7000 router which I flashed with Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 -138 K26ARM USB VPN-64K. All good.
As DSL from Telstra is so overcontended in my area (<1Mbps at peak times) I signed up for 4G OVO (50G for $60 a month) All good. SIM works and speeds are good (20 – 40M)
I have tried 3 USB "modem" sticks to connect the R7000 to OVO/Optus:
1 Huawei 3372h-607: works but only in Hilink. I have double NAT, and cannot get a public IP address to my 7000.
2 ZTE MF823 – similar to 3372. Double NAT and no public IP address that I can DDNS and use for inbound server requests.
3 Sierra 320U: Cannot get it recognised by Shibby as even a PPP connected USB device.
I need a 4G modem (No IP stack,NAT, DHCP....) and trying to turn the Huawei or ZTE dongles into modem/stick mode has proved impossible so far. I am here in desperation! :-)
Has anyone got any of these USB dongles + 7000 combination in operation in genuine "Modem" mode that could help?
I'm pretty good at Windows but a relative newbie on Linux.