Using both OpenVPN as client and server

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Using both OpenVPN as client and server

Hi, here's my problem.

I've set up my R7000 using NordVPN as a client. All traffic is confirmed to use the VPN connection. So far so good :)

I've also set up the router as an OpenVPN server. Without the client switched on, this works also. So, config is ok as well. BTW: I used the config on the site (tried to add the URL, but for some reason that's not possible).

Thing is, when I switch on both client and server, I'm no longer able to access te server (so, my PC for example is no longer able to connect via VPN to my home network). Turning the client connection off (so, the connection to OpenVPN) restores the connectivity towards the server.

So, when both VPN services are running, my PC running the OpenVPN client tries to connect, but the connection times out. In the router's log, I do see that a connection is initiated. This leaves me to conclude that I have the issue of asymmetric routing:

1. Connection is set up from my PC towards my VPN server

2. Server acknowledges the request but, as the default gateway is the NordVPN connection, sends the acknowledgement over the NordVPN connection.

3. PC waits, doesn't receive an acknowledgement, and retries. And retries. And retries.


To not make an already long story not any longer :)

How can I force the OpenVPN service to send the acknowledgement over the default gateway of it's VPN connection - not being the NordVPN?

If needed, I can create a picture of my setup.


Any suggestions are very much welcomed!!