Using openVPN as a client and server on a R7000 with DD-WRT

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Using openVPN as a client and server on a R7000 with DD-WRT


Recently I bought a Netgear R7000 router and I installed DD-WRT on it.

Here I what I want to do, please tell me if it can be done and if it can be, add some details how to do it:

R7000 acts as a gateway for my home network

1) Use openVPN as a server for my wireless connection (I read some articles and the process is clear here)

2) In the same time, I want to configure R7000 to be a openVPN client for a vpn server like Private Internet Access or AT&T.

So, basically,  when I am on a wireless in my home network and want to search on google for 'books' I go through two vpns, one from my laptop to R7000 and the other from R7000 to AT&T or Private Internet Acces.


Can this be done?It is very important to have a vpn between my R7000 and laptops.


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Your requirement is not clear

Your requirement is not clear to me. Why do you need VPN within your private LAN??

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You are asking to many

You are asking to many questions in your thread and it is unclear what you really want to do.

1. You can configure a VPN using the R7000 to connect to your home from anywhere.

This will require you to punch a hole through your modem on any devices that are before your DDWRT Router(Port forwarding). You will have to check your MODEM vendor model and Google it, the port you the port you will need to open is 1723.

The other thing you have to to is setup a DDNS if you do not have a static external IP address.

Also you will need to setup the connection on your computer.

2. If you just want to connect to sites that blocked in your country, you can try changing your default DNS settings on you router or if you are not at home change it on your computer.

Or If you are using a Firefox or maby Crome you can download a VPN plugin or addon, this will allow you to connect to almost any website. eg hulu or blocked youtube content.