Very strange slow LAN (wired) speeds as Access Point

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Very strange slow LAN (wired) speeds as Access Point



I have a WNR3500L with latest Tomator firmware installed.


The 3500L is attached to a wall socket, which goes directly to a gigabit router with a CAT6 installation cable, to which my server is attached (via Intel Pro Gbit).

The 3500L is configured as an wireless access point (the only one in my house).

But apart from the wireless functionality it should also act as a switch, connecting a HTPC and a logitech squeezeboc classic to my network.

The HTPC only sees transfer rates of about 1 MB / s from my server.


If I disconnect both the 3500L and the HTPC and use the cable which the router used to connect to the network, I get a transfer rate of about 45 MB / s (which is OK).


Switchin between ports on the router does not change anything. All Cables are Cat 6 (and get full transfer speed if I connect a device directly to the wall socket with the cables). Only when the 3500L acts as a switch speed drops to about 1 MB/s.


I have changed jumbo frame setting to no avail.


Does anyone know what could be the problem? Could a switch from tomato to DD WRT help?


Right now I have an additional Gbit switch behin my HTPC, but that seems kind of redundant.


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I have just discovered that I

I have just discovered that I have the same problem with the same router (v2).

My router is connected to my main switch, a GS608v2. If I connect computer A (1 Gbps) to the router and computer B (1 Gbps) to the switch, I get about 1+ Mbps transfer speed as measured by iperf. Put computer B on the main switch and I get between 400 and 700 Mbps. Or put them both on the router and I get the same 400-700 Mbps range.

Two things I noticed for what they are worth:

- the LEDs on the router/switch connection blink very, very fast as if there is traffic, and that's even when there is no traffic at all, i.e. the switches are connected to nothing other than themselves;

- iperf -i 2 -t 30 -c xxxx always gives one line with 0 bytes transferred and one line at 524 Kbps. All other lines are above 1 Mbps and less than 1.5 Mbps;

While trying to figure out what is going on, I also noticed that one of two GS605v2 switches, both connected to the GS608 had the blinking LED.

I borrowed a FLUKE cable tester from a friend and all my cables are OK.

I even tried connecting the switches with cross cables to no avail.

Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-109 K26 USB AIO
Computers A & B both running Debian Wheezy.

Hope that helps bring up a clue.