vmlinuz Problem

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vmlinuz Problem

Hello Community,

on my Netgear WGR614Lv8 with dd-wrt mini-Build 11218 from elko. I configure a VLAN02 on Port 4. After
reboot, only the Port 4 answer of a ping (
Hardreset 30,30,30 to clear NVRAM dosen't resolv the

The litle Utility PumKIN let see me the message:

'vmlinuz' of tpye 'Octet'is requested from

How can i resolv that Problem?
Where can i download only the vmlinuz file?

I have no Serial Cable at Time.

when i rename *.chk file to vmlinuz and send to router..reboot..ask again for vmlinuz.. 

Thnx for Help[/img]

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:? ok no help -- shit-happens

:? ok no help -- shit-happens
i will by serial cable :roll:

Where is the community ^^

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@Tathagata Das

@Tathagata Das

I configure exactly this:


Then reboot the router.
With result, only LAN Port 4 sending signal of tftpd und ask me to give vmlinuz.
all 10 sek send the message again from internal tftpd (Router).

I can't send a new *.chk file with tftp to
TimeOut error.

ping only on LAN Port 4 give answer.

I check this with WireShark and CrossOver Cable.
All other Ports are noise...

I have many time to try a hardreset 30,30,30 ...better 1 h, 1h, 1h, but nothing.
no clear NVRAM.

Any Solution? or by serial cabel and then stop bootloader.
Try to "clear NVRAM"
tftpd > etc

Thx for help

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Hi Tathagata Das,

Hi Tathagata Das,

I will check every LAN Port on the router direct with CrossOver Cable and WireShark. Router LAN 1 --- > PC WireShark, Router LAN 2 ----> PC etc....etc

I see only on Port 4 send TFTP a read-request for vmlinuz, every 10 sec..again
Only Port (4) accept icmp-echo-reply

I wondering to why only Port 4?

See my config e.g. VLAN2 isolated for Port 4.
wondering..wondering... i exactly type this example down.

TFTPD (on Router, only Port 4) is already in exclusiv Mode (read-request) for vmlinuz, and can't write the new *.chk file too.

Update: no chance Hardreset 3-5 Sec not work really.

greetings teamworker

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All LAN Port 1-3 blinking

All LAN Port 1-3 blinking when Ethernet-Cable plug-in.
Only Port 4 answer on ping.....and send signal of tftpd request to vmlinuz..

By configuration Link, i have the script save as Startup-script for Boot & Firewall. Then take a reboot per putty (ssh)

I wondering that the Hardreset not work.
3-5 sec or 30,30,30

I will by serial Cable und do tftp>nvram erase etc...

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Hello, Tathagata Das

Hello, Tathagata Das

only LAN Port 4 give reply of ping.

I'm more of 20 year's engineering networks and network services.
I take many time with network diagnostic, cisco configuration, vlan's etc.

I big..big wondering, only LAN Port 4 give READ-request for vmlinuz to my PC.

Why vmlinuz?, what search the bootloader or tftpd to automatic the REQUEST for
vmlinuz. Power off the router and than 8 sec later become the request (READ) not
write to my TFTPD server (PUMPKIN a litle tftpd server is runing on my Vista PC)

I'can't upload screenshot to this forum.
Please send my your e-mail per PM, i will send you screenshots.

Big thx teamworker from germay and a happy new year

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Screenshot on the way..

Screenshot on the way..
Thank you for your Work...

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Hello ..hello ?? Tathagata

Hello ..hello ?? Tathagata Das

Whats wrong, your understand me.....wowoowowwww
Have you see my screens etc..and read it?

- I can't reset router with 3-5-sec or 30,30,30 sec hardreset.
- How than update the *.chk file ????? there is no runing vmlinuz (kernel) Operating System on the router

- Upgrade ( or setting defaults) from GUI, no httpd Server runing.... only 4 Port answer of ping..

- How search tftp to upload the vmlinux?

thx for to mean well with this Problem.

I can't be bothered.
please close thread...