VPN and local resources

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VPN and local resources

I connect to my company's network using Cisco VPN client (OS: Win XP). Once connected, all traffic is routed through the VPN connection. At that point I am unable to use any resources on my local network like the printer.

Is it possible to setup the router so that the local resources can be accessed even when I am on the VPN?  Thanks.

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No you cannot setup the

No you cannot setup the router to enable you to access your local network, since vpn will open a tunnel from your client to the endpoint.

The only option here is to configure the vpn client to allow local lan access.
But I guess if it is not enabled, your company doesn't want this to happen:-)

Even if you change this option locally in your clients profile a remote policy can override this setting.

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I had the same problem using

I had the same problem using VPN for example with my ISP smtp server: the identification to be able to send email is IP based, and not based on login/password.

Another site I must use for work refused also connections coming from my VPNed IP.

So I created static routes so that all traffic to a certain range of IP (using netmask) must go through the 'original' gateway and not through the tun0 interface.

It should be possible to do so for the local adresses. No ?

If you connect using a client on your computer, you must be able to use the admin privileges to establish new routes. It could be the bad point.

Try to google a little about 'route' function in windows.